Designing Promotional Clothing

Branding tools used today...

There are several branding tools that companies are using now-a-days to promote their products in the market. promotional clothing is also a type of branding tool, but it is used to connect with customers on a more personal manner. To connect to a larger customer base though, companies usually resort to promotional tools like print ads on Newspapers & Magazines; Video advertisements on TV, Cinema and Internet; Audio advertisements on Radio, and Billboards and Neon signs at busy public places.

Extra information about promotional clothing

Benefits of using personal branding tools...

When targeting audiences on a personal level; companies often use brand promotion tools that can be handed over to target customers as free gifts. The reason behind using this brand promotion tool is that it offers three very special benefits. The first most obvious benefit is instant gratification for the customers because they are getting something useful from the company distributing the freebies. The second benefit of using this tool is the positive inclination it generates among the target customers. The third benefit, which is actually more significant than the first two is the brand recall created over and over again among the customers for the brand, every time they use the gift item during the course of their daily routine.

Promotional clothing is a great personal branding tool...

When it comes to promotional clothing for brand promotion, the possibilities open up a lot in terms of the various kinds of apparels it can be used on. And especially if the branding is carried out strategically on the right piece of clothing, it can have a bigger, better and more profound impact on the target customers. However, before promotional clothing is designed for a promotional purpose, it would require determining a number of key aspects first.

1. The target audience for the promotional clothing

If the target audience is young, then using T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts and Hoodies would be a great choice.

2. The primary purpose behind using this brand promotional tool

If it is for a new product launch, then it will need front & back printing to cover more details. If it is only for brand name promotion, then only front printing would suffice.

3. The kind of product or service being promoted on the clothing

If the product is for girls, then pink clothing would be a great option for promotional clothing.

4. The season in which this brand promotional tool will be used

If the promotional tool is meant to be used during summers, then T shirts would be ideal. However, for winter events, fleeces and sweatshirts would be a much better choice.

Apart from the 4 key aspects listed above, choosing an appropriate design for the logo would also be important because it would stay on a piece of clothing for a long time. Using bold colors and designs would also deepen the brand impression on the minds of the target customers. All in all, using promotional clothing as a brand promotional tool can bring great benefits for companies, if only it is used wisely in consultation with expert professionals in the field.